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Firefighter Proving Grounds

"Firefighter Proving Grounds is a community dedicated to the advancement of strategy and tactics in firefighting and technical rescue."
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"Size-Up Series" Private Dwelling With Window Bars



Building Information:

2 ½ Story Peaked Roof Private Dwelling

Window Bars on the 1st Floor

Note: For this drill you are the first due engine officer and you have 3 additional firefighters. There is reports of people trapped and the 1st ladder company will be delayed.Your chauffer is connected to a positive water source and is 25 feet from the main entrance.

This drill is part of the Firefighter Proving Grounds "Size-Up Series". This series is designed for firefighters to drill and train with their departments using their SOP's

The Murder of John Nance
Non-Fireproof Multiple Dwelling #1


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