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Recent Aerial Placement “Thinking outside the box”

Recent Aerial Placement “Thinking outside the box”

The primary reason for placing an aerial in any particular place on the fire ground comes down to one thing: EFFECTIVENESS

Whether the Ladder is being used for a rescue, access, egress, or for extinguishment, you want to place your piece of equipment in its most effective spot to accomplish the task at hand.

Seen here is excellent positioning and “thinking outside the box” by the chauffeur of Ladder 56 at a recent fire in the Bronx. He was able to position his rig to gain access for Ladder 56’s roof firefighter. Low hanging wires are an issue throughout many cities and towns. By doing a quick size-up as a truck Chauffeur you might be able to get your rig into a working position. This skill set takes training and time to learn. But once mastered, it can make a big difference at any fire scene!

Photo Credit FFPG Contributor: John Hopper

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